It's great that you are here.

We are the ones we've been waiting for!


What connects us:

 We love this world,

We love what we are doing,

We feel responsible,

We know about synergy,

we know that small parts

give a beautiful whole,

we know we are creators,

We have experienced

that we are able to create miracles together,

we want to experience a new miracle together.

Feel very welcome to join!


Does Noreia-Tempel already exist?

As a vision, YES! With your participation it's going to be reality!


What is Noreia-Tempel going to be?

Noreia-Tempel is an octagon shaped building surrounded by a snail shaped entrance corridor.

We use stone, wood, glass, straw and clay to create Noreia-Tempel.

All material is organic and meets sustainability standards.

Lots of recycled material are already waiting.


WHO is behind Noreia-Tempel?

 Spiritual basis of the project is the „Union for Organic Culture“ (short OK) . Organic culture in contrary to the actual dominant human culture is aiming to fit into nature harmonically as part of it.

 For us „Organic Culture“ is the inclusion and the understanding of natural cycles, rhythms, given conditions and harmonies as well as the wisdom of the ancestors like in many native cultures. OK is gentle, grateful, active and effective.

Organic culture is aware of permanent change, focussing on development and cycles instead of static attributions, Organic Culture is in motion and finds silence in the centre.



During a vision quest the Goddess of the land, Noreia, (who had a hard time to reach me ;-) gave me this picture of an octagon/snail shaped building next to Noreia-Hof, called Noreia-Tempel and to dig a well.


Noreia-Tempel is meant to be a meeting place to support spiritual, loving humans to re-generate, to re-vitalize, to re-member and re-mind, and to bring love and joy to the world by sharing their wisdom and knowledge with fellow human beings.

It is meant to be a place for silence and vitality, dignity and love to Mother Nature (as Noreia was/is the regional name for Mother Nature), a place for conscious awareness and a creative community. A healthy refuge for healing human beings.

 Noreia said: Synergy is energy !

We want to be a nucleus for the research and revival of (native) organic culture.

 This will express in herbal and permacultural gardens, research groups, including alternative energy sources, old and new songs, dances, culture of peace and community, traditional European handicraft, body and mind exercise, art, counseling and practised (ancient) healing knowledge.

 We dedicate the building to Noreia, the regional Goddess B.C, since Stone Age up to Iron Age, who has never been completely forgotten in the European Alpine area.


What is this project for?

 Definitely this project is not new, it's just one more role model for a new generation of society.

It is something that in ancient times, in Stone Age Time, was the common way of living and sharing. Create a meeting place together and enjoy spending time in it then.


Noreia-Tempel is mainly an "organic" building from natural material.

We integrate modern technology, at least some of it.

it is possible to spend time in the temple without any electricity and radiation.

The pile dwelling is built in the most earthquake safe way.

 Straw and clay are perfect thinsulation for this low energy building.

 Its purpose is to invite humans, brothers and sisters as we are,

to trust and share as we trust you and share our knowledge and skills to create reality!

Feel invited to share! Let's create a little miracle!

Together we create a small shelter of about 80m2.

 With your participation

 it is going to be

 a refuge,

 a lush location for inner growth,

 inner peace, inner beauty

 and all this by

 coming together in circles.


By building Noreia Temple we want to support humans, especially humans who are in healing and helping professions, to rejoice, to re-generate, to re-connect and re-vitalize.


Noreia-Tempel's spiral shape,

We call this shape "female architecture" .

Spiral, Vortex and Octagon.effect on human beings.

You are spiraling into the center of the building.

The light octagon shaped glass roof center above

and the opening below support vertical energy flow . The vortex works.

(Scroll to the bottom of the German version to see the Vortex around Noreia-Tempel.)

 The octagon shape supports harmonious feelings and peaceful meetings. You end up within yourself and are able to renew yourself, to know yourself, to love yourself and life, Mother Earth and your co creatures, the cosmos, your inner cosmos, your brothers,. sisters, family, community, and friends,


The shape supports peace.

 you are aware, alive, confident.

 Be invited to create this space, this place!

 Take part, be part and enjoy the effect !


What does Noreia mean?

Noreia is the name of the local Goddess from Stone Age to Iron Age and later. Noreia also was the name of the landscape. So for stone age humans the landscape seemed so divine that they chose the same name for the landscape and their Goddess.


Where is Noreia-Tempel located?

Noreia-Tempel is located in a small, lush valley only 7km outside of Klagenfurt, Carinthia, known for its stone age pile dwellings and a pretty wooden watching tower building, Pyramidenkogel, about 250 miles from Venice, Munich and Vienna.

The ambient is absolutely stunning concerning biodiversity. So many protected plants grow next to the temple, amazing sounds from singing birds surround you all year long. The smallest and the biggest Owl in Europe live next to the place, walking paths. good infrastructure. Be invited to feel the beauty of Noreia.


Who is responsible for the project?

 Initiator: Sylvia Turiya Schrott, former teacher, cert. systemic consultant, cert. project manager, Prana Vita practitioner, Universal Tao instructor, artist.

Union for Organic Culture (OK) is supporting the building of this building.

DI Alexander Streit, D, who helped to transform the vision into pictures
DI Ludwig Riedmann, traumhausbau.at, artist,
and a growing group of friends who have supported the idea from the beginning.

Finally he is tuning into the Secrets Of octagon, spiral, and vortex.


What's already here:

 The place for Noreia-Tempel,

 the road to Noreia-Tempel,
water, electricity, sewage,

 oak piles, construction wood, 

 glass windows, french windows are already waiting,

wooden roof tiles,

straw farmers nearby,

clay nearby,

well and spring waiting underneath.

Electricity, public water, sewage system next to Noreia-Tempel

parking nearby.



So many have already worked to reach this point.

Thank you for your creativity, hard work, friendship and visions!

Now let's step forward together!

Let's create a miracle together!

We are the ones we've been hoping for.

Feel free to donate and participate!


AT49 12000 78026808700


Sylvia Schrott



Thank you for being here

Thank you for being part

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for caring

 Thank you for trusting

 Thank you for making miracles happen!