Project Noreia-Tempel

(we are using the German spelling for "temple")




Benvenuti! Con te! 




It's great that you are here!

We are the ones we've been waiting for!

What is Noreia-Tempel?

Noreia-Tempel is an octagon-shaped building on oak piles with a seminar room of 50m2 without any disturbing pillars and  a glass opening above. 

We use stone, wood, glass, straw and clay to create Noreia-Tempel. Almost all  of the material is organic and meets sustainability standards. Lots of recycled material is already waiting.

During a vision quest I got this picture of an octagon/snail shaped building next to Noreia-Hof, called Noreia-Tempel.

Noreia-Tempel is meant to be a meeting place to support spiritual, loving humans to re-generate, to re-vitalize, to re-member and re-mind, and to bring love and joy to the world by sharing their wisdom and knowledge with fellow human beings. It is meant to be a place for silence and vitality, dignity and love for Mother Nature,  a place for conscious awareness and a creative community. A healthy refuge for healing human beings.


Who is behind Noreia-Tempel?

 Spiritual basis of the project is our association  *s*o*l*v*e*

* sustainable * organic * luxurious * visionary * easy *.
Our focus  is on building Noreia-Tempel in 2022. After having built Noreia-Tempel we focus on research on 

* the effects of  "female archictecture" on  our nervous system, by means of biofeedback and similar devices. 

* local permacultural   research

* promote and encourage aboriginal local handicraft and art.

*  networking with comparable circles

* measuring energy levels


We dedicate our energy to the revival of a culture of peace and community, traditional European handicraft, body and mind exercise, art, counseling and research concerning self healing. We dedicate the building to Noreia, the regional Goddess B.C, since Stone Age up to Iron Age, who has never been completely forgotten in the European Alpine area. The inclusion and the understanding of natural cycles, rhythms, given conditions and harmonies as well as the wisdom of the ancestors are part of our being.


Who is responsible for the project?

Initiator: Sylvia Turiya, organic herb farmer, (retired teacher, cert. systemic consultant, cert. (non profit) project manager, Prana Vita practitioner, Universal Tao instructor, artist)

In 2022 the  association *s*o*l*v*e* is focussing on building   Noreia-Tempel. 

DI Alexander Streit, D, transformed the vision into pictures, spiritual consultancy
Holzbau Gasser
and a growing group of friends who have supported the idea from the beginning.


We are inviting you now!

This project is definitely not new, it's just one more role model for a new generation of society, contributed to "our Elders" in former times.

Considering the world wide situation it seems to make sense to put our savings together  and create Noreia-Tempel now! Furtheron we need very little money for operation expenses.

Full of joy we may step forward, as all necessary governmental bumbledom is done.
In the vision we are a group of humans putting our savings together to create Noreia-Tempel for all of us.
 If you want to donate more than just a little bit, you get a simple, healthy, friendly, comfy  all year long apropriate and useful,  welcoming Noreia-Tempel in return in spring 2023. More than 150 days a year are Fr, Sat, Sundays.  We focus on fair share of temple-times and you get a legal contract.
The initiator takes responsibility for the building process and expenses.
We try to save material, energy, all costs as far as possible and keep follow up costs as low and predictable as possible. 
 *s*o*l*v*e* !
You get a legal contract.

Please read our aims and attitude before joining!

Why are we inviting you?

You carry a similar picture in your heart. In the vision there is this circle of humans already supporting others towards self awareness and consciousness. Humans who have learned what the essence is about. You have dreamt of such a seminar room, but financially you can't reach the goal on your own right away. Neither can we. But together we can. That's why we are offering you to join this project now!
Welcome! Let's join and enjoy the result together! 

What's already here:

  • The plot for Noreia-Tempel,
  • footpaths to Noreia-Tempel
  • water, electricity, sewage,
  • oak piles, construction wood,
  • glass for  french windows and old but good windows
    from a military base for the North side,
  • wooden roof tiles,
  • straw farmers nearby,
  • clay nearby,
  • water from a well is being pumped up,
  • electricity, public water, sewage system next to Noreia-Tempel
  • parking nearby


We provide the location, the material already collected, and necessary infrastructure.  Noreia-Hof area is surrounding Noreia-Tempel.


Noreia-Tempel is mainly an "organic" building from natural materials.

The LUXURY Version  90m2

50 m2 octagon main room as shown in the sketches.

glass opening above,french windows East, South , West.

and there is this snail shaped entrance of about 40m2
with entry,  toilets, small seminar kitchen .
The large terrace is roofed.


Of course you get a legal contract, if you like to donate more and use Noreia-Tempel more often!
Our aim is to have built Noreia-Tempel till winter 2022 and have an opening event in spring 2023. 

It is possible to spend time in the temple without any electricity and radiation. The pile dwelling is built in the most earthquake safe way. Straw and clay are perfect thinsulation for this low energy building. Its purpose is to invite humans, brothers and sisters as we are, to trust and share as we trust you and share our knowledge and skills to create reality!

Feel invited to share! Let's create a little miracle!


With your participation it is going to be a refuge, a lush location for inner growth, inner peace, inner beauty and all this for the benefit of all !


When considering world economy, it makes sense to invest together NOW 
and have very little costs furtheron.

The spiral shape of Noreia-Tempel

We call this shape "female architecture". Spiral, Vortex and Octagon have an effect on human beings.

You are spiraling into the center of the building. The light octagon shaped glass roof center above

and the opening below support vertical energy flow. The vortex works.

(Scroll to the bottom of the German version to see the Vortex around Noreia-Tempel.)

The octagon shape supports harmonious feelings and peaceful meetings.
The appearance inside will be more round shaped.

You arrive at your centre and are able to renew yourself, to know yourself, to love yourself and life, Mother Earth and your co-creatures, the cosmos, your inner cosmos, your brothers, sisters, family, community, and friends.


The shape supports peace.

 you are aware, alive, confident.

 Be invited to create this space, this place!

 Take part, be part and enjoy the effect !


About the farm Noreia-Hof

Contrary to the actual dominant human culture we are aiming to fit into nature harmoniously as part of it. We interfere as little as possible. We collect herbs on the biodiverse piece of land, 2,5 square hectars. We support healing herbs and healing mushrooms naturally growing. Considering climate change we introduce mediterranean plants and resiliant trees into our orchard which is in restoration as the 100yrs old trees are fading now.

We tend to act gently, gratefully, and effectively. We are aware of permanent change of the seasons, focussing on development and cycles instead of static attributions.

What does Noreia mean?

Noreia is the name of the local Goddess from Stone Age to Iron Age and later. Noreia also was the name of the landscape. So for stone age humans the landscape seemed so divine that they chose the same name for the landscape and their Goddess.

Where is Noreia-Tempel?

Noreia-Tempel is located in a small, lush valley only 7km outside of Klagenfurt, Carinthia, known for its stone age pile dwellings and a pretty wooden watchtower building, Pyramidenkogel, about 250 miles from Venice, Munich and Vienna.

The surrounding is absolutely stunning concerning biodiversity. So many protected plants grow next to the temple, amazing sounds from song birds surround you all year long. The smallest and the biggest Owl in Europe live next to the place, walking paths, good infrastructure. Be invited to feel the beauty of Noreia.


Thank you!

So many people have already worked hard in order to reach this point.

for your creativity, hard work, endurance, friendship and your help to hold the vision in bottle neck times!

Now let's step forward together anew in growing circles!

Let's create a miracle together!

We are the ones we've been hoping for.


You'd like to donate? 
You may also feel free to donate and participate this way!

Thank you for your support, your creators thoughts!
Thank you for your open heart!
Thank you for acting as one heart!
You'll always be welcome in Noreia-Tempel

and become part of our network.

AT49 12000 78026808700


Sylvia Schrott


You love shopping

From March on we offer a variety of healthy herbs, and what we make from them.

Our little copper distillery is new, a gift from Niklaus, CH,  and a mere joy!
We produce liquid smoke,  and fermented veggies.
Please contact us! Art
Here you'll soon find what is going to be offered in the next
Potlatch (Give Away Days)  on March 21st and  22nd 2022 at 2pm.
One day of low prices for pieces with small errors.
One day for your effordable piece of Art.

Bronze figures, ceramic figures, domestic ware, paravents, cards, and cups.

Please check the German page for Noreia-Art
and Noreia-Hof
Thank you for being here !

Thank you for being part!


Thank you for caring!

Thank you for sharing, 

Thank you for trusting,

and for making miracles happen

for the benefit of us all,
and the beings around us.

for our love for Mother Earth.
Synergy is energy.
Let's start now!
We are one heart!